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RubNub for YubNub

RubNub is a Firefox add-on that enhances your
address bar with additional functionality.

What type of functionality you ask?
There are literally 1000's of commands that become
available when you install RubNub and the best part:
you can create your own commands on-the-fly!

Need examples?

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See the Light

In the videos section you can watch
some walk-thrus as well as some
anti-domain name monopoly propaganda.

Anti-domain Name Monopoly Propaganda?!

Get up! Stand Up!

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Help Yourself :)

YubNub is socially grown--
meaning all of the commands are made by people like you.
If you would like to see a listing of commands, install RubNub and type:
ge or ls. To create your own command: new.

If you need help with RubNub, see here.

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Get it Now!

Its time, download here.

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In Closing...

RubNub by Gabriel Kent
YubNub by Jon Aquino
Commands by You

Share & Sharealike.